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Experience You.


Experience You.

Orchestra 2100

Experience You, Symphonically.

Upcoming Performances:

Natasha Korsakova

March 18, 6:30pm, Clarksville, VA

Orchestra 2100 presents an intimate Duo Recital by Natasha Korsakova, violin, and Maestro David Michael Wolff, piano, to benefit Encore! Kids. Clarksville Baptist Church.

General seating (donations to Orchestra 2100 will be accepted.)

Sponsored by Veterans Enterprise Technology Solutions (VETS), Inc.


March 25, 6 p.m. – Clifton, VA


Violinist Natasha Korsakova and pianist/conductor David Michael Wolff join forces for an unforgettable evening of music-making.  The performance is followed by a meet-the-artists reception.

Join us at Clifton Presbyterian Church for a night to remember, and a chance to learn about Encore! Kids in Virginia.

Seating is limited – we recommend getting tickets in advance (no fees for online purchase), but you may also get tickets at the door.

Click here for tickets: Tickets are $30 general admission, and $15 for students (18 and under).

Donate to the cause: If you're unable to attend, consider donating the cost of a ticket or group of tickets. Orchestra 2100 is a 501(c)3 non-profit – Your donation will help us bring Encore! Kids to children in Virginia. Click on the "Get Tickets" tab and then select "Donate ticket" from drop-down menu and the number of tickets above. Thank you!

Click here to learn more about Encore! Kids.

Special Thanks to the event's sponsors, WiSC Enterprises and Veterans Enterprise Technology Solutions (VETS), Inc..

Orchestra 2100 Header image.jpg

About Orchestra 2100

About Orchestra 2100

Led by Maestro David Michael Wolff, Orchestra 2100 serves Virginia and the surrounding region. Wolff is also Principal Conductor & Artistic Director of The Carolina Philharmonic (www.carolinaphil.org), a key partner. A unique feature of the ensemble will be its integration of cutting edge technologies through cross-disciplined partnerships to create an interactive audience experience that re-imagines new ways to experience the traditional Symphony Orchestra.

Encore! Kids comes to Virginia


Orchestra 2100's MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose) is bold and wholly education-driven: 

To positively impact one million children through Music and Technology within the next ten years. 

The primary purpose of Orchestra 2100's concerts/events is to create an extended community of private donors and major philanthropists to fund the Orchestra's MTP.

To this end, we aim to bring David Michael Wolff's Encore! Kids program to every 1st grade child in Virginia within the next few years. This will only be possible with your support.

Encore! Kids

Encore! Kids is an interactive orchestral experience program for K-2 students. Presented in partnership with local schools, it introduces young children to the symphony orchestra in a way that gets them really excited about learning music. They don't prepare to listen to an orchestra; they become the orchestra.

Click here to learn more about Encore! Kids and how it's already positively impacting the lives of thousands of children in North Carolina.

The present iteration will serve as a platform for cutting edge innovations in each new annual iteration. Our biggest improvements result from ongoing teacher/student feedback. 

Educator Anna Stevens, who oversees the Arts programs in Moore County, NC, says: 

The Encore! Kids [program] has been the vehicle to open the eyes, ears, and hearts of our students to the wonderful world of music.  The ability to be an active participant  brings music to a higher emotional and cognitive level in our children than simply being a passive listener.  These ongoing participatory performances are building within our children a joy for music that they will carry with them throughout their life.   
Encore! Kids 2016 Ted Fitzgerald 3.jpg

Our Why

Orchestra 2100

Our Why

Orchestra 2100

“Music stirs the soul, gives flight to the imagination.” – Maestro David Michael Wolff

Maestro Wolff believes that music – whether mournful, funny, or ecstatic – is infused with joy, that by riding the wings of the past, music can elevate our present and enrich our future.  

Every Orchestra 2100 performance tells a story; innovative technology can provide tools to accomplish this. How might the canon of Western Civilization continue to influence and partner with today's vanguards of science and technology to create immersive experiences that allow us to experience music not only in a new way, but in a deeper and more viscerally affecting way?

This is a question we seek to explore.

Care to join us?

Symphony orchestra concerts often leave us feeling unaffected; they can feel like a static ode to a 19th century aristocratic ideal that is no longer merely irrelevant, but a deterrent to most would-be concert goers.  Is it any wonder that audiences are growing smaller with each passing year, that symphony orchestras across the country and internationally are at risk of bankruptcy more now than at any time since the days of Beethoven? 

Re-experience the joy of music.

Music Education

Concerts are just the beginning of what we do. Our concerts and events are a means of bringing together like-minded souls who might share and help us achieve our MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose): To positively impact 1,000,000 children through music and technology within the next ten years.